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This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! This week I bring to you a brand new series of colorways inspired by the film Wreck-It Ralph. These are the initial 8 colorways but I already have ideas for more, I just didn’t get a chance to make them all. There are also some of your favorites in the shop this week, Gamut and Ponkie Brewster. Enjoy!

Special orders should be re-opening up in early May.



This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! This week’s update has been made! I have a lot of Gamut to go around plus some new colorways, Raspberry and Mulberry shown above.

Quick announcements:

  • If you miss out on Gamut this week, don’t fret. I’ll be adding more Gamut next week.
  • ALSO, next week I’ll be debut a new colorway series inspired by the film Wreck it Ralph! I’m super excited about this and I’ve already teased one of the new colorways on my instagram feed.
  • LASTLY, either next Monday or the following Monday I will be re-opening up special orders. It will be done through a Google form and you will enter in your preferred means of contact (either by email or here on ravelry), the yarn base, colorway and quantity desired. If you are going to want multiple colorways and bases you will have to fill out the form for each combination. There will also be a field where you can add a note or ask a question. This will be the best option for me moving forward as all special orders will come in through one place now instead of on etsy, ravelry and getting lost in my emails.

Much love to you all!


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! There’s is a brand new weight coming to the this this week! It’s called Merino Bulky and is approximately 105 yards per 100g. I absolutely love knitting this this new base and I know you will too. There are also a bit of leftovers that didn’t sell at the retreat this weekend that were also adde - including lots of Strong Sock and Merino Worsted.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! It’s a pretty small one. I will be vending at The Knitting Pipeline Retreat in less than two weeks so my efforts are more towards that. I will be closing the Etsy shop for that weekend (March 14-16) as I’ll be bringing everything I have with me, the shop will re-open on Monday, March 17th.

There was a slight change in my US postage rates (they only went up by $1.00). The USPS has been really slow this winter and has caused me much stress and now all domestic packages will be shipping with insurance, whether they are First Class or Priority Mail. Orders over $200 will require a signature upon delivery so please keep that in mind when ordering and thank you for understanding.

Hope you’re all doing well.


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! So sorry it’s been such a long time between updates. I’m hoping to get a handle on that soon. January was a terrible month for me. I spent most of the month tending to a sick pet and ended up having to put him down a little over a week ago. His name was Peanut and he was my first pet that was just mine, I rescued him from a shelter when I was in college almost 11 years ago. I never knew I could miss a pet so much but he was so much more than that, he was my family and probably the closest thing to a child that I’ll ever have. I’m hoping to have a colorway dedicated to him by the time his birthday rolls around this spring.

I just wanted to let you know why I disappeared for a while. I’m also helping my mom recover from a recent major surgery, everything went well so that’s good. I know I’m still behind on emails but I’ll be working on those this week. If you don’t hear from me soon feel free to message me again.

Hope you’re all off to a much better start to 2014 than I am. Are any of you looking forward to the olympics? I sure am, curling is my favorite. :D


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! Happy New Year everyone!! It’s been an amazing year here at Another Crafty Girl! I still can’t believe I survived my first 4 day show at Stitches Midwest and that my yarn is now carried by The Loopy Ewe! I know none of this would have happened without you and I’m so thankful that you’ve all helped Another Crafty Girl grow into what it is today. I’m so lucky to have been able to meet so many of you, I truly hope our paths will continue to cross again next year. Hope you find something you like in tonight’s update!

Hope you’re all able to ring in the new year with your loved ones! Be safe and see you next year! You’re all amazing and I love you!


Update Tonight!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are gearing up for a fantastic 2014! I’ve never been one to go out on New Years Eve so I thought I’d have a shop update tonight instead. What better way to ring in the new year than with new yarn? Also, it’s a perfect opportunity for those of you going on yarn diets to in the new year to pick up something new. I’m hoping to have everything ready for an 8pm central time update. I will of course post again when an update is actually made.

If you’re going out tonight, please remember to be safe and responsible.


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! Tonight, it’s all about Strong Sock! A couple colorways are in the shop for the first time this week. The first is Mona Lisa (lower left) which was a 2 Crafty Girls Club colorway, the 2nd is New Friends & Happy Tears (lower right) which was the goodie bag yarn at SSK 2013.

The 50 Yards of Fun KAL is being extended through the end of the year! No excuse not to knit up lots of little goodies for your friends and family. Details in the Ravelry group.

I’ll be at KitM (Knitting in the Mitten) this week and while I’m not vending I am offering a free delivery service to those attending. Please use the coupon code: KITMDELIVERY2013. Please do not use this coupon if you’re not going to be there, I will be forced to delete your order. Please also include your Ravelry ID in the comments at checkout.


You can now find my yarn among the many talented dyers at The Loopy Ewe!!!

I’ve been so excited about this announcement and it’s been very hard not to tell you all about this months ago! It’s a wonderful shop run by even more wonderful people. Go check them out.


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! As promised, the shop was updated a couple hours ago. Lots of Strong Sock and Twinkle Sock have been added as well a few skeins of Twinkle Lace and Merino Worsted. The next update will be Oct. 28th. I will be out of town from the 15th-22nd and no orders will ship during that time but the shop will remain open.

Time is running out to sign up for the 2 Crafty Girls Yarn Club, this is the final round of the year. It’s my opinion that you all deserve a treat for making it through another year, so go ahead, treat yourself! :D You can find all the details here.

Hope to meet some of you next weekend at Rhinebeck! I’m so excited to see all your faces!


This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! Tonight it’s all about Strong Sock, in a variety of different colorways. I’m hoping things will get back to normal soon. I have some big deadlines coming up but things should calm down after that. I’m currently planning on having another update next week, the 7th and then it may be a couple weeks before the next one as I’ll be out of town Oct. 15-22, and I’m going to Rhinebeck! It will be my first time attending and I’m so excited! Are any of you going too? I would love to meet you if you are!

Hugs all around!


I just wanted to gush over this amazing new shawl pattern released today. It’s called the Berkeley, CA shawl (designed by Emily Peters) and I absolutely LOVE IT! The shawl above was knit with my Gamut colorway and I’m just blown away how stunning it looks in this pattern. Emily designed this pattern with heavily variegated yarn in mind, aiming to show it off beautifully, with minimal pooling. As a indie dyer who focuses primarily on heavily variegated colorways I often have people ask me, “What, besides socks, would I knit with “fill in the blank” colorway?”, and I think this an excellent option. In fact I’m hoping to cast one on soon! I just need to decide on some colors for myself. I may use my latest 2 Crafty Girls Club colorway but I’m not sure yet. What colors would you knit this shawl with?

Ooh! AND, Emily is even offering a discount through Sept. 27th, 25% off with the code “FiatLux” at checkout!! Don’t miss out on this great deal. I’ve seen the pattern and it’s charted and written out very well!

This week’s update has been made (@Another Crafty Girl)! Things are still busy busy around here but I managed to get a few skeins up for you tonight. It’s a pretty Halloween/Autumnal theme today. There’s also a few skeins of Ponkie Brewster up, I know lots of you have been looking for that one. Enjoy!

Hope you’re all doing well!


There’s been a pretty awesome update made tonight (@Another Crafty Girl). There is a lot of worsted today as well as some You’re My Bestie! Sets AND something new. Pictured above are my 25g Mini Skein Sets that I made to go along with our upcoming KAL (starting later this week) to go along with Rebecca Danger's newest book 50 Yards Of Fun! My yarn was used in the book and I’m so completely thrilled that Rebecca wanted to use my yarn. SO EXCITING! I can’t wait to knit some of these adorable little toys with you all!

Treat yourself to some adorable minis and join the KAL being hosted in my Ravelry group (Another Crafty Girl & Friends).

There’s been a HUGEnormeous update at ACG today! Check it out!

There are even new items in the shop, You’re My Bestie! Sets and Twinkle Lace! Come take a look at it all! 

There is something for everyone!