About Me

Another Crafty Girl is a one girl operation, which started out as a New Years resolution in January 2011 to do something I was passionate about.

In June 2017, I moved off of Etsy to the current online store. In June 2019, I moved the business from Illinois to my new home in Colorado.

Most of my colorways are inspired by the things that I love. Examples of that can range from video games and board games to some of my favorite shows and movies like the Muppets and How to Train Your Dragon. You never know where inspiration will strike! 

Outside of dyeing yarn, I've been a crafter for a very long time. I was obsessed with friendship bracelets in elementary school and middle school (even though I mostly just made them for myself). And in high school I learned how to knit, although I don't think I finished anything until college. More recently I got introduced to crochet by some friends in 2019 and my latest crafty hobby is cross stitch which I am very much enjoying. 

I am also an avid gamer.

I've been a video gamer all my life. My first experiences go back to playing on my dad's Atari. But my brother and I really fell in love with games with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Video games are still a large part of my life (mostly a Playstation girl these days) and I've met many amazing friends through gaming that I couldn't imagine my life without.

I am also a board gamer. My partner and I first started getting into modern board games in 2012 and it's been an amazing hobby to share together. I am always checking Kickstarter to see the new games being made and doing my best to staying up to date with this growing industry. I think board games are something everyone should give a try again as an adult, especially if you think games are just for children. You'd be surprised how they can challenge you to think in different ways, plan new strategies to try next time, experience satisfying engine building tableaus and spend quality time with those around you. 

Another Crafty Girl continues to be a one girl operation. Thank your visiting my shop and feel free to let me know if you have any questions via my contact page

♥ ♥ ♥

Hi! It's me at one of the many yarn events I've attended over the years. In this photo you can see many different skeins of yarn I've dyed behind me. I'm also wearing the Shard Shawl by Romi Hill and it's one of my absolute favorite shawls, feel free to ask me any questions about it! Image of me in front of a many skeins of my yarn at an event.
Image of me dyeing yarn in my kitchen wearing a full face respirator with dye and yarn behind me. Since the beginning of Another Crafty Girl I've dyed all my yarn in my kitchen. That still holds true today at our Colorado apartment.


Also, safety first!