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The colorways below are an assortment of tonals/semi solids inspired by a variety of beautiful things.

Cranberry Pomegranate
Cranberry :: Pomegranate
Hibiscus Tangerine
Hibiscus :: Tangerine
Citrus Saoirse
Citrus :: Saoirse
Zest Granny Smith
Zest :: Granny Smith
Good Fortune Forest
Good Fortune :: Forest
Pool Lagoon
Pool :: Lagoon
Blueberry Navy
Blueberry :: Navy
Grape Jelly Eggplant
Grape Jelly :: Eggplant
Bubblegum Earth
Bubblegum :: Earth
Chocolate & Caramel Foil
Chocolate & Caramel :: Foil
Gray Skies Casting Shadows
Gray Skies :: Casting Shadows